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Hello my name is Carina Prammer and I´m 26 years old. I´m working as a physiotherapist in a local hospital.

My passion is to cycle. Unfortunately I had some bad health struggles in the past year, which forced me to take a break from cycling and working.

Mental problems made it necessary to turn my life upside down.

Now three moths after recovering I am happy and grateful to write this message to you.

In these hard times my family, friends, colleagues and my beloved sport supported me to find my way back into life.

Regretably there are many people in the wold, who doesn´t have such a precious support.

For this reason I have set myself the goal to give something back and encourage people in my way.

I am going to take place in the Mondsee Cycling Marathon on 30th of June 2019. I will cycle a distance of 140km.

And now it´s your part. What can you do?

I am collecting money for every kilometer I ride. Than I will donate this money (100 % of it) to the organisation „Pro Ment“, which encourages people with mental problems.

How do you benefit?

I will prepare a bike jersey on which your logo is printed. The size of the logo depends on the amount of money you donate.

Furthermore I will documente my whole preperation for the race on social media (instagram) and on my personal blog (https://cycling-for-something-good.com)

I will wear this jersey when participating in the race.

Please help me, to make a difference for these people, who really need help.

For further information, don´t hesitate to contact me by phone or email.

I count on your support

In this sense…..keep on rolling

yours CARINA

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